Who Is James Heerdegen? Ex-Husband Of Christina Ricci

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Who Is James Heerdegen? Ex-Husband Of Christina Ricci

James Heerdegen is the ex-husband of actress Christina Ricci. He is a film producer

He met his ex-wife in 2011 when he was working as a dolly grip operator on the set of ABC's short-lived series Pan Am

They started dating in 2012, and a year later, they got engaged and tied the knot the following year. 

They welcomed their son in 2013, and his name is Freddie Heerdegen. Christina filed for a divorce in 2020. 

James Heerdegen's ex-wife, Christina Ricci, and their son.
James Heerdegen's ex-wife, Christina Ricci, and their son. Source: Pinterest

James Was Accused Of Domestic Violence

In 2020 James was prohibited from having any contact with Christina. Additionally, LAPD confirmed that they responded to a domestic battery radio call. 

Shortly after that, she filed for a divorce. In 2021 the court ordered James to remain 100 yards away from Ricci

The court also cleared his visitation rights to visit his son and dog after he was accused of being abusive to Ricci

In the documents submitted to the court, Ricci said that the abuse started in 2013 and got worse by 2020 when they were together all the time during the pandemic.

James Heerdegen with his ex-wife, Christina Ricci.
James Heerdegen with his ex-wife, Christina Ricci. Source: People

Is Christina Dating Anyone?

After separating from her ex-husband, Christina began dating Mark Hampton

In 2021 she revealed that they were expecting their firstborn together and gave birth to a beautiful daughter, Cleopatra Ricci Hampton. The two got married in the same year. 

She said that Mark was very supportive after she got separated from her husband. 

Christina Ricci with her husband, Mark Hampton.
Christina Ricci with her husband, Mark Hampton. Source: Instagram


His ex-wife Christine is 43 years old.

Net Worth

His ex-wife Christine's net worth is estimated to be $18 million

Ricci Was Diagnosed With Anorexia After She Got Famous

Ricci started acting at the age of nine. Her breakthrough was when she got cast in The Addams Family, where she played the role of Wednesday Addams.  

She got fame and limelight after that. But it was not easy for her to go through that as she was just a kid. 

In an interview, Christina revealed that growing up in the spotlight was hard for her. 

She struggled with the interviews after that, and it was too much for her to take. 

She said when she was in her teenage and hitting puberty, everyone judged her appearance, which made her uncomfortable. 

Because of that, she developed an eating disorder but kept it a secret. 

Her close one discovered her anorexia, and she was put into therapy and recovered from it. 

Ricci Wanted To Be A Writer

Ricci was ready to give up acting because she wanted to pursue a different career. Instead, she decided to join a college and live her dream. 

She also got a placement at Columbia University. So sadly, she has to let her writing dream go. 

Christina didn’t have enough to pay for her college. 

She revealed that her mother borrowed money from others so that they could move to New York

She chose to be financially stable and decided to go to college later. But it didn’t happen the way she imagined it to be. 

As she got older, she admitted that she regrets that she gave up her passion. 

She said if she would have joined the college at that time, then she would be a writer now. 

Ricci Is Not Afraid Of Being On Thriller Series

Yellowjackets is a thriller drama where Ricci plays the role of Sammi Hanrathy, a villain in the show. 

She said she is not scared of shooting scary scenes for the show. She shared she was the villain and not scared of doing anything. 

She added she always wanted to play such kind of role. 

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