Who Is Jerry Chenoweth? Father Of Kristin Chenoweth

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Who Is Jerry Chenoweth? Father Of Kristin Chenoweth

Jerry Chenoweth is the father of Kristin Chenoweth, who is an American actress. Jerry's wife is Junie Chenoweth

He also have a son named Mark Chenoweth.

Jerry Chenoweth's wife and daughter.
Jerry Chenoweth's wife and daughter. Source: Pinterest

Kristin Gave Tribute To Her Late Biological Mother 

Kristin recently paid tribute to her biological mother, Lynn, who passed away.

Kristin was adopted by a different family when she was just five days old and didn’t meet her biological mother until 2012

In her tribute, Kristin shared photos and discussed what she learned about Lynn after meeting her. 

She described Lynn as someone who loved music and the arts, and had two children, Jennifer and Chris, whom she cared for deeply. 

Kristin mentioned that her musical talents came from both her biological parents. 

She also mentioned that Lynn used to pray for her on her birthdays to ensure she had a good life and that she did the same for her mother. 

She ended her tribute by saying she would miss her forever.

Kristin was adopted by Junie and Jerry Chenoweth when she was a baby. 

She expressed gratitude for her adoptive parents, who loved and supported her. 

She considers them her birth parents even though they aren't biological. 

Kristin Chenoweth with her biological mom, Lynn.
Kristin Chenoweth with her biological mom, Lynn. Source: Instagram

Daughter's Marriage

Jerry's daughter Kristin married musician Josh Bryant in a beautiful wedding ceremony in Dallas, Texas, on September 2nd

They had a lovely ceremony with family and friends. Kristin wore a unique wedding dress, and Josh looked handsome in his suit. 

They exchanged vows, including some traditional ones, but Kristin did not include the word “obey.” 

They incorporated their Christian faith into the ceremony’s music, and the wedding decorations had a romantic theme with lots of pink and white flowers. 

After the emotional ceremony, everyone enjoyed unique cocktails and a delicious dinner. 

For dessert, they had a five-tier wedding cake. The couple first met at a wedding where Josh’s band performed, and their love grew over time. 

They went through tough times together, which made their bond stronger. 

Overall, Kristin and Josh’s wedding was a dream come true, and they feel blessed to have found each other. 

Kristin Chenoweth with her husband.
Kristin Chenoweth with her husband.  Source: Instagram


Jerry was born in 1965. He is 53 years old as of 2023.

Net Worth

Kristin's net worth is about $16 million

Jerry Chenoweth with her daughter, Kristin Chenoweth.
Jerry Chenoweth with her daughter, Kristin Chenoweth. Source: Instagram

Kristin Decided Not To Go On Family Feud Again

Kristin was on Celebrity Family Feud and got a funny question about kissing. 

She quickly buzzed in to answer but said something silly that rhymed with “heinous.” 

Everyone, including the host, was surprised. Her answer was wrong, and her team lost that round. 

Later, when she discussed it on The Jennifer Hudson Show, she felt embarrassed and said she would never go on Family Feud again to avoid more embarrassment. 

The video of her funny moments got lots of views on YouTube. 

Looking back, she wishes she had said something normal like Cheek, arm, or forehead. 

When she talked about it on the Jennifer Hudson show, they both laughed about it. 

The host, Steve Harvey, reacted slowly and humorously to her unexpected answer. He even said nice things about her to the audience. 

Even though it was funny and famous on the internet, Kristin decided not to go on Family Feud again. 

Kristin Unknowingly Dated Prince 

In The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Kristin talks about how once she went on two dates with the famous musician Prince without even realizing it. 

Prince’s manager and assistant contacted her, and she drove to Prince’s huge and museum-like home in her Honda CR-V. 

She got to play one of Prince’s guitars, which had scratches from Elvis’s belt. 

Prince even showed her performance on TV and said her singing inspired him. 

She doesn’t often share this story but greatly admires Prince. 

Kristin also talks about how she made a holiday album even though she initially wanted to do a country album. 

Her team suggested a Christmas album, and even though she wasn’t too excited about it initially, she thought it could bring joy and happiness during tough times. 

Jimmy Fallon appreciates her choice, and they talk about her album, Happiness Is… Christmas!

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