Josh Bryant

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Josh Bryant

Josh Bryant is the fiance of American actress and singer Kristin Chenoweth. 

Josh himself is a lead guitarist of a band. He was born in Arkansas. He is now living in Nashville, Tennessee

He is American by his nationality.

Josh Bryant with his father
Josh Bryant with his father  Source: Instagram 

Relationship Status Of Kristin Chenoweth 

Kristin was in a relationship with Marc Kudisch previously. They both dated each other back in 1998

They stayed as a couple for three years but ended their relationship. 

She then had an affair with Lane Garrison. Their relationship was short-lived. They nearly dated for a couple of months in 2006.

Kristen has dated many famous celebrities to date. She was also in a relationship with Charlie McDowell

She also briefly dated Jake Pavelka in 2012. Currently, she is dating Josh Bryant. 

They started their relationship in 2018. They got engaged in October 2021 after Josh proposed her in very romantic way in New York. 

Josh Bryant with his fiancé Kristin
Josh Bryant with his fiancé Kristin  Source: Instagram

About Kristin Chenoweth  

Kristin's full name is Kristin Dawn Chenoweth is an American actress born on July 24, 1968

She is the adopted daughter of her parents Junie and Jerry Chenoweth, and was raised by them with her brother, Mark Chenoweth, in the USA

She is a talented actress and is known for her role in The Pink Panther movie. She has appeared in many movies and series so far. 

Some of the movies that she played are Descendants, For the Girls and Rio 2. Her acting skills made her win many awards too.


Josh was born in 1982 and his current age is 39 years old.

Net Worth 

The net worth of Kristin is $16 Million. Her source of income is acting and singing

Josh Bryant's Fiancé Suffers From A Disease

Josh's fiancé Kristin got into an accident in 2012. It was a bad year for her as her accident was not the only thing that affected her. She also developed Meniere disease. 

As she is in the entertainment field, it became too hard for her to continue her series and other projects that were on pending. 

She suffered from the disease, which caused her lack of hearing. She was physically and mentally tired of that disease. 

Some people assumed that the accident caused her this disease, but it is not confirmed yet.

Kristin Dating A Younger Men

Kristin is engaged to her boyfriend and seem very happy together. 

The couple has been together for three years. Many people are unknown that the beautiful couple have a huge age gap. 

Josh is 14 years younger than his partner. Some people criticized them for their age gap, but they don't care about that. 

Kristin is in her fifties, whereas Josh is 39 years old. Their age gap made no problem to their unconditional love. 

They are growing very strong together and living their love life fullest.

Kristin Was Questioned On Her Honesty As An Activist

Kristin has taken her activist work in a side-by-side with acting career. She likes to speak out for needy people and help them. 

Along with that, she is a big supporter of the LGBTQ community. She respects them and always speaks about their rights. 

She wants them to be equally treated in society. 

She also thinks that same-sex marriage should be allowed in the church, and she often speaks about it. 

When she appeared in the church's event and joined their singing rituals, many other LGBTQ community supporters and activists questioned her honesty and loyalty to the LGBTQ community. 

Well, she spoke out in the open about how she cares about the community. 

She might not be from the community, but she said she would not back off her movement and activists' works.

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