Kelly Brown

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Kelly Brown

Kelly Brown is the mother of famous British actress Millie Bobby Brown. She was born in England. She is an English citizen. 

Kelly is married to Robert Brown. Kelly and Robert together have four children. 

Her children are Paige Brown, Charlie Brown, Millie Brown, and Ava Brown.

Kelly Brown husband and daughter
Kelly Brown husband and daughter  Source: Facebook

Relationship Status Of Millie Bobby Brown

Millie is rumored to be in a relationship with Jake Bongiovi, the son of singer Jon Bon Jovi.

Jake posted their photo together, captioning best friends forever, but after finding them in the New York streets walking together holding hands, fans suspected that they were in a relationship. 

They always spend time together and are frequently seen, so people find them more than friends.

Millie never had any public relationship, but rumors tell that she has been with Joseph Robinson and Jacob Sartorius

She was once rumored to have a relationship with Louis Partridge, who was her co-star, but she later confessed that they tried to be close to show the bond in the movie naturally and were not in a relationship. 

She but agreed that they are close friends.  

About Millie Bobby Brown

Millie was born on 19 February 2004 in Marbella, Spain. She was one of the four children of Kelly Brown and Robert Brown

She moved to England in 2008, and after four years, she moved to Orlando, Florida

She loved acting from her childhood, so she debuted at nine in the series "Once Upon A Time In Wonderland." 

She started appearing in many series and showed her versatile acting through her performance. 

She was just a normal actor lacking fame until 2016.

In 2016, Millie got role in the series "Stranger Things," where she played one of the lead role, Eleven.

Her performance was well appreciated, and her character was loved by the audience. 

She continued the series for many seasons, and people liked her. She then started modeling and also produced a movie.

Kelly Brown with her daughter Millie
Kelly Brown with her daughter Millie  Source: Instagram

Millie Bobby Brown Rumored Sexual Relationship

A famous 21 year old TikToker, Hunter Ecimovic, also known as Echo who on his live stream was asked about Millie and his relationship and their age gap. 

Relying to the question, he said he was in a sexual relationship with Millie and had only been in the relationship for fun and used her. 

He used the term "groom" to describe their relationship, which was offensive and abusive as he portrayed it. 

It became a whole lot of issues after that. Brown never responded to his comment, but her team did say that it was fake news and Echo was telling rubbish lies which was offensive. 

Many people criticized him for his words. He apologized for how her family felt but didn't apologize to her or said he was wrong.


Kelly's daughter Millie is currently 17 years old.

Net worth

The total net worth of Kelly's daughter Millie is about $10 Million

Her source of income comes from acting, advertising, modeling, and many more. 

In Britain, the average salary of an actor is 35000 pounds annually.

Kelly Brown daughter Millie Brown
Kelly Brown daughter Millie Brown  Source: Instagram

Brown Felt Her Privacy Was Broken

After Netflix's Strangers Things, Millie got much attention and fame. She has a lot of fans and encounters many wherever she goes. 

Millie, before December 2020, went Christmas shopping with her mom. 

As always, she encountered her fans during her shopping. One fan asked her if she could take a video with her. 

Brown was with her mother, so she refused and asked not to take video. The lady still started taking videos. 

Millie told her that she was also a human being and had her privacy, so she asked not to take a video. 

The lady fan still took the video by saying, why can't we make a video of humans. 

She felt like her privacy was being broken. So she got emotional and even cried and told about the incident in her Instagram story. 

She told everyone to respect everyone's privacy and to spread kindness. 

She also said that she loved her fans but told them to respect her privacy. She later got over the incident.

Why Did Millie Brown Delete Her Social Media Account?

Many celebrities are trolled and harassed on social media, some ignore it, some can't take it and leave the social media, or deleted their accounts. 

The same case happened with Millie. Many people started making meme about her on Twitter

The meme was also very offensive as the meme was full of homophobic comments. 

People started tagging her and it was all over Twitter. She was not interested in such disturbing memes; hence she deleted her Twitter.

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