Who Is Robert Brown? Father Of Millie Bobby Brown

by Manisha Mon Apr 25 2022 Updated On Fri Sep 09 2022
Who Is Robert Brown? Father Of Millie Bobby Brown

Robert Brown is the father of Stranger Things famed actress Millie Bobby Brown

He is based in London, England but moved to America to support her daughter's dream. 

He is a real estate agent and manager by profession. He used to be a businessman. 

Robert Brown with his daughter Millie Bobby Brown
Robert Brown with his daughter Millie Bobby Brown. Source: Instagram

Marriage And Children

Robert is married to Kelly Brown. His wife is a homemaker. There are no exact details on when they got married. 

But the couple has been together for ages. They are blessed with four kids, Paige Brown, Charlie Brown, Ava Brown and Millie. They are very supportive parents. 

They faced many struggles and had gone through many difficulties when they moved to America as they were not financially well off. 

However, they tackled all those hurdles together and believed in their child's dream. 

Their marriage is still going strong, and they are happily married and are very proud to see their daughter achieving success at a young age. 

Robert Brown with his daughter Millie Bobby Brown and wife Kelly Brown
Robert Brown with his daughter Millie Bobby Brown and wife Kelly Brown Source: Pinterest

Who Is Robert's Daughter Millie Dating In 2022?

Millie is in a relationship with Jake Bongiovi. Jake is the son of rock star Jon Bon Jovi.

We can assume that they started dating in 2021 when they shared a picture of themselves on their Instagram handle. 

They even celebrated holidays together. 

She kept her love affair with Jake private for some time, but In January 2022, she confirmed being in love with Jake in an interview. 

After that, they were seen together attending BAFTA Awards

The duo express their love and share their bond by posting pictures on Instagram. 

Millie Bobby Brown with her boyfriend, Jake Bongiovi
Millie Bobby Brown with her boyfriend, Jake Bongiovi Source: Instagram


His daughter Millie is 18 years old. 

Net Worth

Millie has a net worth of $10 million. She has managed to earn this hefty from her acting career.

Robert Brown daughter's, Millie Bobby Brown
Robert Brown daughter's, Millie Bobby Brown Source: Instagram

Millie Facetime Her Tortoises

Millie loves animals. One day she finally went to the pet shop and got a tortoise. 

Her parents only allowed for one, but she brought two as they were husband and wife, and she could not separate them. 

She named them David and Becca. She was on a press tour, so she face-timed her tortoises.

She said that she facetime her tortoise every single day. She admitted that she is the mother of tortoises.

She shared a picture of her tortoise where a tortoise was eating strawberries, and she could not stop laughing as it was the cutest thing ever. 

Her tortoises even recognize her.

Millie Is An Amazing Driver

Millie got her driver's permit at the age of 15

When someone is fifteen, you can drive with someone over 21 with a valid license in the state where she was living. 

She went for the written test. It was very nerve-wracking. 

She was very nervous. She sat down for the test, and she passed. 

She said that her dad is taught her to drive, and he is very intense and always reminds her to pull the brakes. 

She can only drive when someone of 21 year old is by her side, with a valid license but only in her state, not in other states. 

She said that she is a good driver and abides by all the laws.

Brown Talk About Her Journey Of Self -Discovery

A few years ago, Millie met a young girl named Olivia. 

She became friends with her, and later they became best friends. 

Olivia was diagnosed with cancer, and she passed away. Since then, she has been very close to her sister and family. 

Millie owns a skincare brand, and she even dedicated some of her products in memory of her best friend. 

That incident shaped her and made her look around and be grateful for everything she had.

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