Who Is Marko Stojkovic? Handsome Son Of Dragan Stojkovic

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Who Is Marko Stojkovic? Handsome Son Of Dragan Stojkovic

Marko Stojkovic is the son of the former football player of the national team of Serbia, Dragan Stojkovic

He was born on April 15, 1992, in Belgrade, Serbia

Parents of Marko Stokovic

Marko was born to Dragan and Snezana Stojkovic. The couple got married two times. 

Firstly they got married when they were in their twenties. In 1991, they got married in Marseille for the first time. 

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On June 11, 2011, the couple got married for the second time at the Paris Church of Alexander Nevsky.

Marko's  parents Dragan Stojkovic with his wife Snezana Stojkovic
Marko's  parents Dragan Stojkovic with his wife Snezana Stojkovic Source: Pinterest

Siblings of Marko Stojkovic

Dragan and Snezana have given birth to three children. They gave birth to two daughters and one son. 

The name of their son is Marko, and the name of their daughters is Andrea Stojkovic and Anja Valente

Marko with his sisters Andrea Stojkovic and Anja Valente
Marko with his sisters Andrea Stojkovic and Anja Valente Source: Instagram

Is Marko married?

The marital status of Marko is under review. Instead, his sibling is married. 

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His sister Anja Valente is already married and is the mother of three children. Andrea Stojkovic is still not married. 

Was Marko Stokovic ever engaged in football?

Yes, Marko was engaged in football from the club Radnicki Obrenovac. 

Currently, he doesn’t seem to be playing football; instead, he can be seen supporting his dad’s professional life. 

Age and Net Worth

The age of Marko Stokovic is 30 years old. The net worth of Marko Stokovic is under review. 

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Instead, his father, Dragan's net worth is $5 million. He was paid a salary of $628K at the world cup per year.

Introduction of Dragan 

Dragan was born on march 3, 1965, in Nis, SR, Serbia, Yugoslavia. 

He is well known by his nickname Piksi. He has been a manager of the national team of Serbia by profession since 2021.  

As a former football player, he was the captain of the national team of Yugoslavia. 

Respect is hard to find anywhere, said Dragan 

While coaching the Japanese association football club Nagoya Grampus, Dragan said that Japan is based on a society of respect. 

They respect everything, like the environment, business, and achievements. Every effort is respected in any industry. 

He thinks this is something that is hard to find anywhere else in the world. 

During those 13 years, respect was the reason which made him comfortable with the way of thinking and working. 

Being respected and appreciated is what anyone needs the most and is satisfied with it, said Dragan. 

Dragan had scored as a Manager 

While Dragan was manager of club Nagoya, he had scored an amazing goal from the bench. 

The skill was shown in the 40th minute of the second half. He directly kicked the ball back and straightly went inside the post. 

The score wasn’t counted because it was against the rule of the match. The referee had to send him off for that kick.

Believe is the strength for Dragan 

When Serbia got entry into the FIFA World Cup, defeating Portugal in UEFA group A, Dragan said that he had believed in his player that they could defeat Portugal in Lisbon to qualify for the World Cup.

He thanked the Serbian population for being there, supporting and believing in them.

Proving Possible things is the characteristic of Dragan 

In a conference, Dragan said that his formation with the team is very offensive, and the team always likes to prove that it’s possible. 

I‘m a coach for life good and beautiful football to see, said Dragan

It doesn’t matter who is on the pitch, but mostly the player with the offensive characteristic should be there, according to Dragan. 

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