Who is Ronny Song? Son of Rigobert Song

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Who is Ronny Song? Son of Rigobert Song

Ronny Song is the son of a former football player and the manager of the national team of Cameroon, Rigobert Song. 

He was born on December 04, 1995, in Metz, France. 

Parents of Ronny 

Rigobert Song is married to Gabrielle Esther Nnomo Mballa. They got married in 2005 at the City Hall of Yaounde. 

Rigobert Song and his wife Gabrielle Esther Nnomo Mballa together with their baby in early age
Rigobert Song and his wife Gabrielle Esther Nnomo Mballa together with their baby in early age Source: Pinterest

Siblings of Ronny 

Rigobert and Gabrielle have given birth to four children. There are two sons and two daughters born to Rigobert and Gabrielle

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The name of the two sons are Ronny and Bryan Song, and the name of the two daughters is Hillary Veronique Liliane and Yohanna Bernadette.

Rigobert with his three children Hillary, Yohanna and Bryan
Rigobert with his three children Hillary, Yohanna and Bryan Source: Facebook

Where are Ronny and Bryan Song engaging?

Following the path of his father, Ronny has chosen the field of football. 

Although he is not a professional player, he plays for the Senglea Athletic, a Divison 1 club in the European country Malta.

He is a centre-forward player

Bryan Song is also engaged in a football career. 

He joined the French Ligue 2 championship side Paris FC at the age of 12. He is a midfielder by position. 

Bryan Song signing for his first club Paris FC
Bryan Song signing for his first club Paris FC Source: Pinterest

Age and Net worth

The age of Ronny Song is 26 years old. The net worth of Ronny is under review. 

Instead, his father Rigobert's net worth is $1.5 million. 

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He earns $29,000 per month as a coach of indomitable lions, which is the national team of Cameroon. 

Introduction of Rigobert 

Rigobert was born on July 1, 1976, in Nkenglicock, Cameroon. 

He was a former football player of today’s premier league clubs, Liverpool, West Ham United, etc. 

He was a defender by position. Currently, he is a manager of the Cameroon national team. 

Hazardous Moment of Rigobert 

Rigobert had a cerebral vascular accident at 40 in 2016 at his residency in Yaounde. 

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His dog saved his life by barking loudly, which alerted the landlord of Rigobert.

After the landlord saw him lying down, he called an ambulance. Rigobert had gone into a coma for two days. 

While going through a coma, he said, 

"The darkness began and while I was in a coma, I saw my father who had died when I was too little to remember." 

Also, Rigobert said that he's father told him What are you doing there? Come. 

He was glad about coming out of a coma, and his health was good than his previous condition.

FIFA World Cup 2022 Qualifying for Cameroon was not lonely work for Rigobert

In a conference, Rigobert said that he wants to thank all his staff because they do not work alone and they have all the staff on foot and who is there. 

Rigobert thanked the journalist that passed on information and let everything stay clear. 

Growing alone is impossible, so we have to be united and be together, try to accompany each other in our corridor comedy said Rigobert.

Age is nothing in Football for Rigobert

When Rigobert was questioned about the old-aged players, he said there is no age in football. 

We talk more in football about the experience of living. 

Rigobert thinks that whether it’s beggars or Nicolas Nkoulou, the team needs an experienced player, and when you keep them, you need a backbone in football. 

In football, there is a backbone that deserves to have payers who have already lived such experience; only such players are able to bring dynamism and bring something to the new generation, said Rigobert.

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