Who Is Yohanna Bernadette Song? Rigobert Song's Daughter

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Who Is Yohanna Bernadette Song? Rigobert Song's Daughter

Yohanna Bernadette Song is the daughter of a Cameroonian former professional football player and current manager, Rigobert Song

Her mother's name is Gabrielle Esther Nnomo Mballa. She is one of the 4th children of her parents and has three siblings. 

Currently, her dad is the manager of a Cameroon national football team

As a football player, he was known for his defensive skills. Her nationality is Cameroonian

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Yohanna Bernadette Song's Family Photo
Yohanna Bernadette Song's Family Photo Source: Lifebogger

Married life of Rigobert 

Rigobert is currently married to his wife, Gabrielle Esther Nnomo Mballa.

The couple has been married for years and has four children together. 

He has two daughters and two sons with his wife. His son's name is Ronny Song and Bryan Song, and her daughters' names are Yohanna and Hillary Song

Age and Net Worth 

Rigobert is 46 years old. The net worth of Rigobert is estimated to be $1 Million - $5 Million.

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His source of income is the manager.

Rigobert was sent off in World Cup.

Rigobert played for the Cameron national team, and he has been part of the world cup representing his country. 

But things didn’t turn out as expected, as he was sent off twice in two different world cups. 

He was the second player to be sent off in World Cup two times after Zidane. 

He was sent off in his match against Chile and Brazil, being the youngest player ever to be sent off in World Cup

It was a significant loss for the team, but his behavior was the result of his being sent off. 

It was not the only thing he did; in one of the African Cups, he was also declared one of the most violent and capped players in the history of Cameron

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Rigobert was rushed into the hospital.

Rigobert was found unconscious in 2016, so he was rushed to the hospital as soon as possible. 

He needed emergency treatment, so he was taken to the nearest Yaounde Central Hospital in Cameroon.

The doctors and officials of the hospital reported that the former player suffered from a cerebral attack. 

It was not an ordinary attack, so the hospital couldn’t treat Rigobert properly. 

Hence he was sent to France for better treatment. 

Rigobert is a man of action.

After some months of being appointed as the coach of the Cameron national team, Rigobert gave an interview with all the media and presented some words. 

He expressed that he was the kind of person who believed in doing rather than talking. He called himself a man of action, not words. 

He also revealed in the same interview that the national team of Cameron was in an emergency when he came. 

It was going in the opposite direction than it should be. 

So to manage all sorts of problems, he said he had to make emergency adjustments and solutions to make his team better for future competitions.

Rigobert was punished by the manager

Rigobert joined the club Galatasaray in 2004, where he was people’s favorite player. 

He was having a great time in his career, as the team was doing pretty well because of Rigobert

But the unfortunate came upon Rigobert as he argued with the club’s manager Eric Gerets. 

It became so dirty that Rigobert was not allowed to play for the team. 

But Rigobert decided to apologize to the manager both privately and publicly. 

Although he apologized to the manager, he still punished him by not keeping him in the squad. 

This all only changed after the manager was replaced. With the new manager, Rigobert got what he deserved, and that was his position in the team with a captain band. 

He did stay benched for a while due to his injury, but he eventually left the club for the better offer he got from another club.

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