Who Is Matheus Rizzi Bachi? Handsome Son Of Tite

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Who Is Matheus Rizzi Bachi? Handsome Son Of Tite

Matheus Rizzi Bachi is the son of a former football player and current head coach and manager of the Brazil national team, Tite

His mother's name is Rosmari Rizzi Bachi. Matheus himself is a soccer player who played for NCAA Division II. 

He has a sibling named Gabriele Rizzi Bachi. His nationality is Brazilian.

Married life of Matheus 

Matheus's relationship is cleared from his social media. He is married to his wife, Fernanda Silva Bachi.

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Matheus with wife Fernanda Silva Bachi
Matheus with wife Fernanda Silva Bachi Source: Instagram

They have two sons together named Lucca and Leo. They have been married for more than five years now. 

He loves spending time with his family, and most of the time, he is travelling with his wife and son to different places. 

Also, he has great bonding with his parents.

Matheus Rizzi Bachi kids and wife
Matheus Rizzi Bachi kids and wife Source: Instagram

Age and Net Worth 

Matheus is 33 years old. The net worth of Matheus is unknown; however, his dad's net worth is $12 Million. 

His source of income is being a manager.

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Matheus’s father felt sad about the broadcast

Brazil was playing in the World Cup qualifier match against Chile for the upcoming World Cup when the local broadcast of the match spread fake news to the world. 

It stated that the Brazilian Coach had a negotiation with Arsenal FC to join the club for the 2023/2024 season. 

Arsenal indeed is a great club, but for Tite, it is going all good with the national team. 

He revealed that the news the broadcast spread was a total lie, and it not just lied to the people but made him sad. 

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It is because the news brings up too many controversies and hopes in people, which he doesn’t wants. 

Tite made Neymar cry

In the 2018 World Cup, Neymar was criticized by many, and everyone hated him for receiving fouls frequently. 

People thought that he was not humble and respectful towards others. 

But Tite stood by his side and spoke for him in an interview. 

He expressed that when any player is fouled, being angry is what comes naturally. 

He faced it many times. But saying that doesn’t mean it was right. 

He said that it was really wrong to misbehave in a beautiful game like football. 

He believes that this sport is for togetherness. But about Neymar, he revealed that Neymar was a pretty great and humble guy. 

He has had a difficult time, but he said that the respectful nature he has is really great. 

Listening to this, Neymar cried in front of the interview.

The coach knows how to pass difficulties

Brazil went against Korea in the Korean home ground as an international friendly. 

As the match was in Asia, the coach expressed that it was really difficult to cope with the change in time scale. 

All the team had to compromise their timetable because the days and nights were totally different. 

The coach revealed that he had to drink a number of coffees to stay awake. 

Despite all the difficulties, they won the match with great numbers. 

Not only he talked about the game, but he said that many people talked about the team's negativity. 

But for Tite, all it matters is passing out all the difficulties. 

He revealed that no negativity gets to pass through him, and he always knows where the team is going wrong and what he should do to improve.

Believes in team play

He expressed his frustration during an interview by clearing out things with the audience and fans. 

He revealed that the game was not about who is great on a personal level and who is weaker. 

He knows that the team is what’s important for any match. 

He expressed that a single loophole can give the opposite team to attack and score a goal, and to stop that, a strong team is required, not a strong player. 

There is nothing to get frustrated about if someone doesn’t get to play, according to Tite.

He also said that players should not be frustrated about how much time they are fouled; they should just carry on with the match.

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