Paris Fury

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Paris Fury

Paris Fury is the wife of professional British boxer Tyson Fury. She has six children with Tyson

Paris used to work as a beautician previously. 

She was born in the year 1989. She is a British citizen by her nationality. 

Marriage And Children

Paris is currently married to Tyson, a well-known boxer. They took their wedding vows in 2008 in front of 300 guests. 

They had their wedding ceremony held in Doncaster. A year after their marriage, their first daughter Venezuela was born. 

They have six children altogether named Prince John James Fury, Prince Adonis Amaziah, Venezuela Fury, Valencia Amber, Athena Fury, and Prince Tyson Fury II. As of 2022, they have completed 14 years of married life together. 

They are happy with each other and living a good life with children. 

How Did Paris Met Her Husband?

Paris met her husband Tyson in 2007 at a friend's marriage ceremony. They again met at Tyson's birthday. 

After that, they started spending time with each other and then started dating after some time. 

They dated for nearly a year and later married each other.

Paris Fury with her husband Tyson Fury
Paris Fury with her husband Tyson Fury Source: Instagram

About Tyson Fury 

Tyson's full name is Tyson Luke Fury who is a British professional boxer born on 12 August 1988.

In boxing, he is well known by the name The Gypsy King. His parents, Amber Fury and John Fury raised him in Wythenshawe

He stepped into the field of boxing at the age of 10. He was trained by his father initially. 

After his father was jailed in 2011, he trained under his uncle for three years. 

He joined Amateur boxing and represented his country. He was a hardworking kid. 

Accordingly, he ranked 3 in world rankings. He then moved to a professional career at the age of 20.

Paris Fury with her husband Tyson Fury and children
Paris Fury with her husband Tyson Fury and children Source: Instagram


Tyson is 33 years old. His height is 2.06m.

Net worth 

The net worth of Tyson is $30 Million. His source of income is boxing. The average income of a fighter is $35,584 per year.

Paris Fury's Husband Was Drug Addict

Paris's husband, Tyson, is one of the best boxer in boxing history. 

He had defeated the undefeated boxer Wladimir Klitschko who held the title for nine years in 2015

But after shortly winning the title, he became the victim of depression. 

He has not revealed what he was going through, but he did say that he had terrible personal problem in his life. 

He started taking drugs and cocaine. Not only that, but he also started drinking daily. 

He was so depressed that suicide thoughts began to hit him. 

The world thought that they lost a great player, but Tyson revealed that he would come back and his condition would not affect his gameplay.

Paris Fury with her daughter
Paris Fury with her daughter Source: Instagram

Was Tyson Fury Banned From Boxing?

Tyson came clean after his addiction in 2015. He was back on track, and people were waiting for his fights. 

He had a rematch against Klitschko. But the match was pulled over, and Tyson was suspended. 

He was found to be using cocaine and nandrolone. It was illegal, and hence he was arrested. 

He also had an ankle injury; therefore, the match was pulled over. He also didn't pass on his sample to the authority. 

He and his team denied that he used the substances. He was rechecked, and was found clean.

Tyson Had To Go Through An Operation

Tyson is undoubtedly the best boxer. He has proved it by his many matches and winning titles. 

But the game against Deontay Wilder was something he would never forget. 

He was not in his form and was already injured before the match. 

Despite his injury, he performed the match. He was in pain in the whole match, but he managed to win the match. 

After the match, he was immediately taken to the hospital and had cortisone injections in both his elbow. 

He went through a severe operation for six straight hours. He had his bone spurs removed from his body. 

He could have denied the match or forfeited the match, but he had the dedication to win the match, and he did what he thought he would do.

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