Who Is Venezuela Fury? Daughter Of Tyson Fury

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Who Is Venezuela Fury? Daughter Of Tyson Fury

Venezuela Fury is a celebrity child. She is the daughter of heavy-weight champion Tyson Fury. 

She was born and raised in Morecambe, Lancashire.

Family of Venezuela Fury
Family of Venezuela Fury. Source: Instagram

Parent's Married Life

Tyson is happily married to Paris Fury. He tied the knot to her in 2008. They have been together for fourteen years. 

The couple is proud parents of their six children named Prince John James Fury, Prince Adonis Amaziah, Venezuela Fury, Valencia Amber, Athena Fury, and Prince Tyson Fury II. Tyson met Paris when she was just 15 years old. 

They did not date as she was not allowed to date until she turned 16. 

After she turned 16, they started dating each other.

He trained all week and came to meet her at the weekend. 

Tyson had gone through a lot in his life, and she stuck by his side in all thick and thin. 

Venezuela Fury's parents, Paris Fury and Tyson Fury.
Venezuela Fury's parents, Paris Fury and Tyson Fury. Source: Instagram


Venezuela is 12 years old.

Net Worth

Her father's net worth is estimated to be $65 million. He has managed to earn this fortune from his boxing career. 

He is a heavy-weight legend and has never lost in 33 pro fights, including 23 knockouts.

Venezuela Fury with her mother
Venezuela Fury with her mother Source: Instagram

Tyson Discussed His Mental Health Battles And Depression

Tyson talked about his battles with depression and addiction in the past. 

He wants to inspire his fans that if he can come back from what he has been through, then anyone can do it too. 

He wants to tell people living in darkness that there is light at the end of the tunnel.  

He was overweight and taking drugs daily. 

He suffered from depression up to the point of suicide and anxiety attacks. 

Even if he was the world champion, earning money, and had a family and a successful career, he did not have any meaning in his life. 

He thought that everything was pointless and meaningless. 

He thought that there was no point in living and prayed for death daily. 

He used to wake up in the morning thinking about why he woke up that morning. 

He prayed that why didn't he die in sleep. He tried to drink himself to death, but that did not work. 

He also attempted to crash into a bridge at one time and was pulled out last minute. 

He thought of jumping in front of the train and wished he had a heart attack. 

He did not want to box anymore. He hated boxing. He had no purpose in living.

Tyson Got His Fighting Genes From His Father

John Fury is the father of Tyson. He is a former bare-knuckle boxer who served four years. 

In an interview, he said that all his greatest achievements are his sons, especially his second-oldest son, Tyson.

He said that his son had got his genes which channel him in the right direction and is well controlled. 

When the interviewer asked him that, as a father, he is concerned about his son as he takes punches, which may cause brain damage and dementia.

John replied that there is always a risk and fear in the boxing field and other combat sports, but he has also knocked down some of his opponents through all of it. 

He said his son had got DNA, and his boy was bred to fight.

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