Who Is Prince John James Fury? Son Of Tyson Fury

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Who Is Prince John James Fury? Son Of Tyson Fury

Prince John James Fury is the son of professional boxer Tyson Fury. His mom's name is Paris Fury. He has five siblings. 

Family Of Prince John James Fury
Family Of Prince John James Fury Source: Instagram

Parent's Married Life

Tyson is married to Paris Fury

They met each other at their mutual friend's wedding, and Paris was just 15 years old when she met him. 

They again collided on her 16th birthday. From then, they started dating. 

They exchanged their wedding vows traditionally in 2008. They share a very strong bond. 

They are parents of six children, Prince John, Prince Adonis Amaziah, Venezuela Fury, Valencia Amber, Athena Fury, and Prince Tyson Fury II.

Prince John James Fury's parents, Tyson Fury and Paris Fury
Prince John James Fury's parents, Tyson Fury and Paris Fury Source: Instagram

Past Relationship Of Fury

Fury has been with many women in his past. None of them were serious, as he was sleeping with them. 

He was not committed to anyone. 

In a podcast, Fury revealed that he had slept with 500 women. He admitted he was a liar and cheater. 

Now he regrets doing those things. 

He openly talks about his mistakes, and the only thing is regrets is having sex before marriage.

Prince John James Fury's father Tyson Fury
Prince John James Fury's father, Tyson Fury Source: Instagram

Tyson Has No Purpose In Life Without Boxing 

Tyson gave an interview to BT Sport Boxing where he talked about his retirement and what boxing actually means to him. 

He has been playing boxing since he was young and it has now become a major part of his life. 

Back in April, after Tyson defeated Dylan White in a boxing match he confirmed that he was retiring from boxing. 

After winning that match, he got the feeling that he should now retire from boxing and was very sure about that. 

So for four months, he didn’t play any boxing matches and at that time he wrote his third book and was producing songs. 

He spent most of his time in the gym and as he has to work out twice he kept himself busy with gym and other things. 

Although Tyson was doing so many things he found himself missing. He felt that he is nothing without boxing. Tyson was in a place where he doesn’t want to play boxing and also he felt empty without it. 

That was the time when he realized that he is nothing without boxing. 

Boxing has been his passion and addiction since his childhood days and no matter how hard he tries to push it away from him, he won’t be able to keep himself away from it. 

He doesn’t care how much money he earns or how successful he becomes he will never be able to stop himself from boxing. 

He called himself a selfish person because he was not being able to retire from boxing. 

He was so sure about retiring but he got back again to boxing because he felt he had no purpose without boxing in those 4 months of retirement. 

Tyson has already gone through many surgeries and is now aging and he doesn’t know when his body’s going to give up. 

He has no idea what he will do when his body gives up on boxing. He felt that his life was completely dark without boxing when he took a break.


Prince was born in 2013, and his current age is nine years old.

Net Worth

His father's Tyson net worth is estimated to be $57 million

His height is 2.06 m. 

He has managed to earn this hefty from his heavyweight lifting and boxing career. 

His yearly salary is estimated to be $7 million.

Tyson Opened Up About His Mental Health And Addiction 

Tyson got two and a half years of break from his boxing career. 

He had been boxing for the past ten years, and he did not get time to enjoy himself. 

He had money, glory, fame and everything, but he did not have peace of mind. He used to have anxiety. 

He suffered from depression. When he was on top of his career, he got even more depressed. 

He used to have suicidal thoughts. He had everything every man wanted, but he wanted to die daily. 

He said it was just worldly things, but it was all shit inside his head. 

He did not know what the reason behind his depression was. 

He used to drink heavily to cope with that, adding another problem to his life. 

Later he sought medical help. He went to therapy. 

He revealed that he thought he would die when he had his first anxiety because he had a bad pain in his chest, like a heart attack and could not breathe. 

Now he is in a good state of mind and has a good recovery.

Tyson Proved That He Was Mentally Stronger In A Sauna

When he was 21, Tyson was invited to the Klitschko training camp in Austria

He was in a sauna with his other fellow trainers. It was very overwhelming for him. 

The sauna was full of his competitors. He was very intimidated by the situation. 

Before entering, he knew that everyone was going to play a mind game, and he was aware that one day he was going to fight one of them. 

His competitor Vladimir was looking at him, looking back at him. 

At that, he hoped that guy had gotten out soon because he was going to pass out. 

He was in the hottest sauna on a towel in front of the heat. 

The heat was too intense, and he thought he might pass out. 

He thought he was going out not because he could be beaten up but because he had to fight with him sooner or later. 

He wanted to prove that he was mentally strong than him in that sauna

Twenty minutes passed by. He was looking at him, but Tyson did not leave from there. 

They ended up there for forty minutes. In the end, that guy walked off from there. 

He thought that he got a mental victory. Though he won mentally, he stayed in that sauna for some more time. 

It was the hardest thing he had ever done.

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