Regan Rodriguez- Tragedy Of Rodriguez Daughter

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Regan Rodriguez- Tragedy Of Rodriguez Daughter

Regan Rodriguez is the youngest daughter of the late American singer and songwriter Sixto Rodriguez. 

She is well known for her appearance in her late father’s documentary ”Searching for Sugar Man.”

Her mother’s name is Konny Rodriguez. She has two half-sisters Eva and Sandra from his dad’s side. She is an American citizen of her nationality. 

Regan Rodriguez with her father Sixto Rodriguez.
Regan Rodriguez with her father Sixto Rodriguez. Source: Pinterest

About Regan’s Dad Sixto 

Sixto was a professional singer and songwriter. He was well known for his songs Sugar Man and Climb Up on My Music

He was born in the year 1942 and had his birthday on July 10.

He was born to his parents as Sixto Diaz Rodriguez, but professionally he was known by the name Rodriguez. 

Regan Rodriguez's father Sixto Rodriguez.
Regan Rodriguez's father Sixto Rodriguez. Source: Instagram

Married Life Of Sixto 

Sixto had been married twice.

His first marriage was with Rayma Rodriguez. They married a long time ago and shared two daughters, Eva and Sandra. They eventually got divorced. 

After his first marriage ended, he tied the knot with Konny Rodriguez. He met Konny back in 1972 in college. 

They went to the same college and then became lovers. They married in the year 1984 and shared a daughter named Regan.

Their marriage ended in 2023 with Sixto’s death. Although Sixto and Konny’s marriage ended in 2023, they separated years before his death. 

Age And Net Worth

Her father, Sixto, was 81 years old at his death. He had a net worth of $5 Million.

Regan Was Fascinated Seeing Sixto's Fandom

Regan is the youngest daughter of singer Sixto. She and her two half-sisters lived with their dad in their old house in Detroit.

She lived a poor life full of struggles with her dad until 1998.

In 1998 her dad Sixto was invited for a tour in South Africa by his fans. SA Limos was waiting outside her house to pick up Sixto and his daughters. 

Regan was fascinated seeing the Limos. She thought it was for some celebrity and people like her should stand far from it. 

But later, she realized it was for her dad. She didn’t expect that and was unaware of her dad’s stardom. 

She imagined only 20-30 people coming to her dad’s concert, but when she got there, she was amazed as there were thousands of people. 

She saw the crowd astonished and going crazy over her dad and his songs. 

Did Sixto Commit Suicide?

Sixto was one the most famous and talented singers. His music career was full of roller coaster rides. 

Despite his unique songs, gaining publicity took him a long time. 

He released some of his albums and made lots of money back in the 70s in South Africa, which got him recognized, but he was unaware of it. 

Along with that, there was news of his death. According to that news, it was said he committed suicide on stage. 

That news claimed that he set himself on fire onstage during a concert. 

The real thing was he came back to his own country because his singing career was not making any money, and he had a hard time earning a livelihood. 

His suicide rumor ended after one of the record producer owners investigated his death with his friend and found him alive, living in his house in Detroit.

Sixto Didn’t Receive Any Royalties

Sixto was a great singer, and many people adored his songs. 

But he didn’t come to prominence until the 90s. 

In the 70s, millions of his songs were sold in South Africa, and people there were really into his music. 

But in America, he was just an unknown person. He had no idea about his songs making huge money or his popularity in South Africa.

He didn’t receive any royalties. He was living a hard life in his house in Detroit with his family. 

He was working as a laborer, and his neighbor thought of him as some weirdo with a guitar. 

Some people even thought he was a homeless man. 

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