Sandra Rodriguez-Kennedy- Tragedy Of Sixto Rodriguez Daughter

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Sandra Rodriguez-Kennedy- Tragedy Of Sixto Rodriguez Daughter

Sandra Rodriguez-Kennedy is the daughter of Sixto Rodriguez, who was an American singer and songwriter. 

She is the daughter of Sixto's first wife, Rayma Rodriguez.

About Her Father

Rodriguez's real name is Sixto Diaz Rodriguez. He was an American singer, songwriter, and musician. 

He became popular in the late 1960s and early 1970s. He released two albums, "Cold Fact” in 1970 and “Coming From Reality” in 1971.

These albums got good reviews but didn’t sell well in the US. However, his music became popular in South Africa, Australia, and New Zealand

He was the focus of a documentary called “Searching for Sugar Man,which got much attention. 

Rodriguez had a solid connection to his hometown of Detroit, Michigan. He has three daughters named Eva, Sandra, and Regan.

He had Regan, his youngest child, with his second wife, Konny. Eva is the oldest daughter. 

She married a man from South Africa during her father’s tour there in 1998.

Even though her marriage had some problems, she found comfort in traveling with her father. 

She was a military pilot and trained as a “sangoma,” a kind of traditional healer. 

Rodriguez married Konny Rodriguez in 1984, but they separated several years ago. Legally they married until the death of Sixto. Before marrying him, Konny was Konny Koskos.

She kept a low profile even though she married a famous musician. 

She supported him in his music career and understood his love for music. 

Before Konny, he was married to Rayma Rodriguez, but they legally separated after the birth of two daughters.

Sandra Rodriguez-Kennedy with her father, Sixto Rodriguez.
Sandra Rodriguez-Kennedy with her father, Sixto Rodriguez. Source: Sensitive Men Rising


Sandra is in her late 50s.

Net Worth

Her father, Sixto's net worth was about $5 Million.

Death of Her Father

Sixto passed away at the age of 81 on 8 August 2023. He lived in Detroit. His fans were shattered after his death. He was an iconic artist.

In South Africa, his songs were like anthems for the fight against apartheid in 1970. 

The documentary was also released about him named “Searching for Sugar Man.” It is about two fans from South Africa who wanted to find out what happened to Rodriguez. 

The documentary won an Oscar in 2013. People liked the story because it felt like a real-life fairy tale. 

Rodriguez wrote a song about the harsh life in Detroit in 1970. His voice was unique and touching. 

He sang about homeless people, poor workers, and societal problems. 

Some of his songs were “Street Boy,” “Inner City Blues,” and “Cause,” which talked about difficult times and the struggles of people. 

His two albums from the 1970s were a flop in the United States. 

Sixto's Music Career Didn’t Go As Planned

In an interview, Sixto discussed that his name came from his mother.

He was born to Mexican parents. He started loving music early and has been playing the guitar for around 40 to 50 years.

He thought that getting good at something comes from practicing, and he kept learning and improving as a musician.

When he was younger, he wanted to get a deal with a music company, sell his music and perform in more prominent places.

But his music journey did not go as planned. He talked about how things changed unexpectedly in his career. 

He even stopped making music in 1974. Later with the help of different music labels, he found success in a way he didn’t expect. 

Sixto's Unique Style Of Singing

Sixto talked about how he developed his unique singing style to be easily recognized in an interview. 

He was proud of certain songs he made and how he used music to talk about critical social problems. 

He took a break from music and started doing work to tear down and fix houses. 

He wasn't sad that his music didn’t become famous because he found value in fixing old buildings. 

Even though he didn't know much about South Africa before, he heard how people avoided the country and not buying things from there to show they didn’t like its unfair system.

He is very popular in South Africa.

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