Who Is Roberto De Paul? Father Of Rodrigo De Paul

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Roberto De Paul is the father of Argentine professional footballer, Rodrigo De Paul. He was married to Monica Ferrarotti. 

He had three children with Monica. He was born and raised in Argentina by his parents. Roberto is an Argentine citizen.

Roberto De Paul's ex-wife and son, Rodrigo De Paul.
Roberto De Paul's ex-wife and son, Rodrigo De Paul. Source: Instagram

Married Life

Roberto was previously married to Monica Ferrarotti. They had three children from their marriage, and all of them were sons. 

His sons' names are Damian, Guido de Paul, and Rodrigo de Paul. After his youngest son Rodrigo's birth, he left his wife, Monica. 

As of now, Roberto is married to another woman and is living with her. 

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Who Is Roberto's Son Rodrigo Dating?

Rodrigo was in a relationship with Camilla Homs. They have two beautiful daughters together. 

They met in 2016 and then got together. They now got separated, and as of now, he is dating Tini Stoessel. 

Rodrigo De Paul with his daughter.
Rodrigo De Paul with his daughter. Source: Instagram

Age And Net Worth 

Roberto's age and net worth are unknown; however, his son Rodrigo is 28 years old and has a net worth of $20 Million.

Rodrigo Is A One-Footed Player

Rodrigo has played many matches in his career and has scored many goals as an attacking player. 

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But he seems to shoot mostly from his favorite right foot and is rarely seen shooting from his left foot. 

When analyzing his total shots and shots with his left foot, he was found to be shooting only 12 times in 300 shots. 

Like many players, he also seems to find it difficult to shoot from his left foot, his weak foot. 

Saying that doesn’t mean he has any disadvantages in the match. His right foot is enough for him to score goals. 

He proved this while playing for Udinese, as he was the top scorer.

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Roberto De Paul's son, Rodrigo De Paul.
Roberto De Paul's son, Rodrigo De Paul. Source: Instagram

Rodrigo Had His Worst Debut

Rodrigo has been part of many clubs and is known to be someone who can change the whole game scenario. 

But in some of his club debut matches, he was at his worst. 

While playing for the racing club as a debut player, his team lost by 3-0 scores, while in his debut match for Udinese, his team lost by 4-0. 

It was quite an embarrassing match for him. But it is proven nothing against his debut match for Valencia. 

In his first match for Valencia club, he was brought up as a substitution player. 

But just after 63 seconds on the pitch, he was sent off for fouling his opponent. 

It was his most embarrassing debut match that he would probably not forget till his lifetime.

Rodrigo Is Known To Score From Outside Of The Box

Rodrigo has scored many kinds of goals in his career, but he is most appreciated for his goals from out of the box. 

Although Rodrigo has not scored many goals from outside the box, he has missed just a few opportunities from the far point. 

His shooting from the right foot is so tricky that the goalkeeper ends up being unsuccessful in blocking his shot. 

When observed based on stats, it was found that he had four more chances to score a goal from out of the box than any average player, which is a big deal. 

He scored one of the brilliant long goals at 18 in his second game for the Racing club. 

Since then, he had rarely missed his chance to score from the long shot.

Rodrigo Won’t Be Part Of The World Cup

Rodrigo broke up with his ex-wife Camila just before he stayed in a relationship with Tini Stoessel.

He had two children with his ex-wife, and his ex-wife dragged Rodrigo into court for the child support payment. 

The news was all over the media of Spain and Argentina. 

As he is part of the Argentina national team, people expect him to show up in the coming World Cup. 

But sadly, Qatar doesn’t intake the players having any legal affairs going on. 

This kept the presence of Rodrigo at the World Cup at risk. It is not confirmed if he will appear in the World Cup, but his legal issues will probably be a great problem for him and his team.

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