Alexandrea Martin

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Alexandrea Martin

Alexandrea Martin, better known by Alex Martin, is the daughter of Whoopi Goldberg, an actress, comedian, and author. 

Her father's name is Alvin "Louise" Martin. She is married to Bernard Dean and the mother of three children. 

She is also an actress and film producer by her profession. She is an American citizen.

Her mother Whoopi was married to Lyle Trachtenberg from 1994 to 1995 and to David Claessen from 1986 to 1988. She had to go through a lot because of her marriage failures.

Marriage and Children

Alexandrea is married to Bernard Dean. They dated for few times and got married. 

After getting married, she gave birth to a child named Jerzey, and three years later, they had another child named Mason

Their married life didn't work, so the couple got separated after having two children. 

After getting separated from Dean, Alexandrea dated Steve Jordan for six years and later got parted away.

In the year 2007, Alexandrea was reunited with his ex-husband Dean and continued their relationship. 

They got married for the second time in the year 2011. They are still together and living their life happy. 

Alexandrea has the eldest daughter, who was born when she was 16 years old. The father of her first daughter is not revealed yet.

Alexandrea Martin's children and husband
Alexandrea Martin's children and husband  Source: Instagram

About Alexandrea Martin

Alex is an actress and film producer born on 9 May 1973. She has two siblings. 

Her mom Whoopi raised her as a single mother and struggled a lot when she was a child.

She has played in many movies and earned a lot of fame. She has also won Golden Globe Awards and Miss Golden Globe

She is married and has three children, Amarah Skye, Jerzey, and Mason. Alex is living in Los Angles with her family 

Alex with her husband
Alex with her husband   Source: Instagram 

Raised By Single Mother

Alex was born when her mother was in her teen. At that time, Alex's father was not with them. 

Her mother struggled a lot to raise her. As a single mother in her teenage, it wasn't easy to look after a child. 

Her mom Whoopi came to Los Angles, and there she worked in many places so that they could fulfil their necessities. 

Alex's mom also worked as a bricklayer and mortuary cosmetologist. 

Alex had seen her mother struggling day and night to fulfill their needs. Alex and her mother are very close to each other.

Alex with her mom
Alex with her mom   Source: Instagram 

Age, Height, and Weight

Her current age is 48 years old. Her height is five feet and eleven inches tall. Her weight is seventy-eight kilogram.

Net Worth 

Her net worth is $4 Million. Her source of income is acting and film production. 

The yearly income of an American actress is $91,401 per year. 

Alex's Mother, Whoopi, Took The Side of An Abuser

Bill Cosby and Alex's mother Whoopi has worked together i several shows. They both have known each other from a long time, and they both are known as the best comedians. 

The famous comedian Bill Cosby has been blamed by more than 25 women for sexual assault. 

During these 40 years, because of all the charges, Bill is known as a rapist.  But Bill has never been arrested as no proof was collected against him. 

Bill also denied all the accusations saying that were not true and he had never done anything to anyone.

Whoopi, who has known Bill for many years, supported him. Whoopi defended Bill and spoke for him. 

Bill has never talked about his allegation properly, so she wants him to open up and talk about that.

For the women who charged Bill for rape, Whoopi has a lot of questions to ask. 

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