Alvin Louise Martin

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Alvin Louise Martin

Alvin Louise Martin is the ex-husband of the Oscar-winning actress Whoopi Goldberg

She is a comedian and author also.

Married to Whoopi

Alvin married Whoopi Goldberg, whose real name is Caryn Elaine Johnson, in 1973

They were married for six years. They legally got separated in the year 1979

The reason for their separation has not been revealed. However, Whoopi has revealed in many interviews that she found it hard to commit to relationships. 

She has also decided not to reveal more about her relationship with her husband. 

Alvin stated that he could not focus on their relationship due to his wife's instability and complicated behavior and even protect their marriage.

He likes to stay away from the public eye. He never married again. 

Alvin Martin with his ex-wife Whoopi Goldberg
Alvin Martin with his ex-wife Whoopi Goldberg    Source: Pinterest

Was Alvin Ever Loved?

Whoopi once mentioned in the interview with Piers Morgan that she has never loved her husband.

She has been married three times in total. Her first husband was Alvin. After divorcing him, she got married to a man named David Claessen

They got married in the year 1986. He was a professional Cinematography. Their marriage only lasted for two years. They got divorced in the year 1988

Similarly, she got married to another man named Lyle Trachtenberg. He was a Union Organizer. 

Their marriage only lasted for a year. They got married in the year 1994 and got legally separated in the year 1995

After being in a romantic association with lots of people and getting married to them, no one has ever been able to impress Whoopi.

She clearly said that she has been in love only once. However, she did not reveal his name. 

She had also mentioned that she could never commit to any man.

She added that family will always be her priority and that she will never be willing to give any man any commitment. 

Therefore, Alvin was never really loved by her wife. This particular reason might have resulted in separation too.

Alvin's Daughter

Alvin and Whoopi have a daughter together. They are blessed with a girl named Alexandrea Martin

She was born on May 9, 1973, in the United States. She is also known as Alex Dean

She is an actress and a film producer. Like her mother, she has also had complicated relationships. 

She first got pregnant by her high school boyfriend, who was half black and half Vietnamese. His name is HJ

His family abandoned him after he got charged with violent crimes. He was sent to prison at a young age. 

She gave birth to a daughter named Amarah Skye when her boyfriend was in jail. 

Later she married to a man named Bernard Dean. They have two children together. 

Their names are Jerzey Dean and Mason Dean. Alex divorced her husband, but later they remarried once again in the year 2011 of October 15

Alex also has one granddaughter from her eldest daughter Amarah Skye. Her granddaughter's name is Charlie Rose Burr Reynaud

Alexandria was also awarded Miss Golden Globe the Golden Globe Award back in 1995

Alvin Martin daughter Alexandria Martin
Alvin Martin daughter Alexandria Martin  Source: Pinterest

Emotional by the gift.

Whoopi gave an interview on The View where she talked about her gift from Billy Crystal. It was Whoopi's birthday when she was giving the interview, and she joined the interview virtually. 

Whoopi was celebrating her 60th birthday, and she was very happy about the day. The interviewer said that it was Whoopi's day. 

Billy Crystal was also there in the interview; he started the interview by talking about his 50th birthday, and he opened up that he was not happy on his 50th birthday. 

He told about the gift that he received on his 50th birthday, and it was an AARP card sent through the mail. 

That card made his birthday even worse, and it was hard for him to celebrate being 50

Billy wanted to know how Whoopi was feeling about celebrating her 60th birthday, and for that, she said that she was having fun and enjoying herself a lot. 

Billy had sent a birthday gift to Whoopi and told Whoopi to open that. He sent her a photograph of them together, and it was his favorite photo of her. 

Whoopi showed the photograph, and Billy said that he was not in that photo, but the photograph was of the day when Billy and Whoopi were doing a comic release in New York, and they were about to travel somewhere, but unfortunately, Billy was unable to go there because he suffered from pneumonia. 

That picture of them mattered to Billy because they collected $70 million to help the needy people. Whoopi got really emotional when Billy talked about their time together. 

She said that she enjoyed working with Billy. She was not speaking much in that interview, but she was happy to have that picture as a gift. 

About Former Wife

On November 13, 1955, she was born in New York, United States, to Robert and Emma

Her father was a Baptist, and her mother was a nurse and school teacher. 

She began her career in 1985 in the role of Celie in the film 'The Color Purple.' She won Golden Globe Award for that role.

She is very talented actress and has won several awards till date. 

Alvin Martin ex-wife Whoopi Goldberg
Alvin Martin ex-wife Whoopi Goldberg  Source: Instagram

Comfortable with deadlocks

Whoopi gave an interview to " Behind The Scenes Beauty w/ D.M. In the interview, she talked about her career, hairstyles, and achievements. 

Whoopi is a very talented actress, author and many more. 

She is a whole package of talent, and because of her talent, she has reached a successful position, so the interviewer wanted to know how she deals when people try to discredit her.

Whoopi said she doesn't care about what people try to do and what they think about her. She said that her work and the things she made up herself would remain there, and no one could erase them. 

Then the interviewer talked about her hairstyle. Whoopi hasn't changed her hairstyle for a long time. 

Whoopi once met a little girl who had hairs the same as her, and when that little girl saw Whoopi, she looked at Whoopi as she saw herself in Whoopi

Whoopi has deadlock hair, and it is unique. The interviewer wanted to know if Whoopi had ever been criticized for her hairstyle in the entertainment industry. 

She said that while she was new in the Hollywood industry, people were like what to do with her hair, and she didn't know what to say. 

She also talked about an actress named Rosalind Cash, who had deadlocks in her hair just like Whoopi, and she used to wear wigs for the movies she played. 

She could also use wigs, but it seemed very weird for her, so she didn't. She didn't like combing her hair, and she was and still is very comfortable with her deadlock hairs. 

Most people like Whoopi because she tries to herself and does the things she feels comfortable with. To know more about the interview, do check the link.

Whoopi Designed Her Holiday Collection

Whoopi gave an interview on The Late Night Show Jimmy Fallon where she talked about her Holiday Collection

Whoopi has launched her own Holiday Collection and she has named it “The 2021 Holiday Collection”. Her holiday collection includes warm cozy sweaters, socks, scarves, and many more. 

While going to Jimmy’s interview Whoopi took lots of stuff for him. Jimmy showed the stuff and complimented it as it was funny, cozy, and unique. 

Whoopi also opened up that she designs herself for her collection. 

She talked about the designing process and told that she was told by her people to draw anything she likes, she draws it on paper and they later make that design on the sweaters. 

Jimmy showed the designs created by Whoopi and it was really basic. She just drew a human line figure and writes something and then it is printed on the sweaters. 

Whoopi also showed a snow globe sweater that looked funny but was really cool. Jimmy told everyone to buy clothes from her collection and gift it to their close ones on X mas. 

The past years have been really hard for everyone due to the pandemic so she wanted people to have some fun her collection was funny and it will surely bring a smile to their faces.

Net Worth

The career and professional life of Alvin has not been revealed. 

The net worth of his ex-wife is structured below:

Net WorthSources
$60 millionActor, Comedian, Author, Media Personality

Age, Height, and Weight

  1. The age, height, and weight of Alvin Louise Martin have not been revealed.
  2. His nationality is American.
  3. His ethnicity is White.

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