David Claessen

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David Claessen

David Claessen is the ex-husband of an American actor, author, comedian, and television personality Whoopi Goldberg.

He is a director and cinematographer.

First wife, Whoopi Goldberg

David moved to the United States in 1986, and in the same year, he met his future wife, Whoopi

They met each other during the production of a documentary named Who Are They? and soon began dating.

The couple got married back in 1986. But their married life didn't last long, and they got divorced after two years of marriage in 1988.

In their short period of married time, the couple didn't welcome any children. 

Before that, Whoopi married Alvin Martin, to whom she has one daughter, Alexandrea Martin

David Claessen with his ex-wife Whoopi Goldberg
David Claessen with his ex-wife Whoopi Goldberg  Source: YouTube 

In 2011, his ex-wife interview with famous English Broadcaster Piers Morgan said that she never loved the man who was married. 

She explained that when a marriage is done. There should be commitments between both partners. But she never felt she was committed to them. 

After her last and final divorce from her third husband, Lyle Trachtenberg, she never got married.

Second Marriage

After his first marriage failed, he married Kareen Green in 1992. Their marriage lasted for ten years. They officially separated in 2002.

He married for the third time to Taiye Selasi in 2013. She is a writer and photographer. 

She was born in London. Her debuted novel is Ghana Most Go which was published in 2013.

They got a divorce in 2015. His marital status is single now. 

About His First Wife

Whoopi was born in 1955, November 13, as Caryn Elaine Johnson in father Robert James Johnson Jr. and mother, Emma Johnson.

She was the only daughter and the youngest after her big brother Clyde in the Johnson family. 

David Claessen ex-wife Whoopi
David Claessen ex-wife Whoopi   Source: Instagram

Her father was a teacher, and her mother was a nurse by Profession. She and her big brother Clyde were raised by their single mother, Emma.

David Claessen with his ex-wife Whoopi Goldberg
David Claessen with his ex-wife Whoopi Goldberg  Source: YouTube 

She described her mother as a strong and erudite person. Her mother used to work two jobs to support Whoopi and her big brother Clyde

Whoopi dropped out without completing high school-level education. She started her first appearance on the screen back in the eighties.

Director Mike Nichols was in love with her performance which leads her to the show Broadway. But, unfortunately, it didn't become once.

She also attracted the attention of director Steven Spielberg after looking at her Broadway performance, which leads her to a leading role in his film The Color Purple which was based on a novel.  

Her first lead role in the movie The Color Purple became one of the amazing debut performances in movie history back in the eighties.

Career of David

He has a passion for the entertainment industry from a young age. He started his career in 1981

He has worked with a well-known director. He has directed some award-winning movies such as The Rosa Parks, Love Song, and many more.

His hard works and dedication can be seen in his movies and documentary.

Net Worth 

David and his ex-wife's net worth and income sources are shown below. 

 David Claessen Whoopi Goldberg (ex-wife)
Net worth $1-5 million $60 million 
Income cinematographerAmerican actor, author, comedian, and television personality

Age, Height, and Weight 

  1. He was born on 6 March 1959 in Netherland. His current age is sixty-two.
  2. He is Dutch.
  3. He was married three times.

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