Lyle Trachtenberg

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Lyle Trachtenberg

Lyle Trachtenberg is the ex-husband of Whoopi Goldberg who is an American actress, comedian, and author. 

He is an actor by his profession. He had done one movie till now named Board Heads

He was married to Whoopi for a year. He is American by his nationality. 

He is currently married to Adrianna Bela and has two kids with her.

Lyle with his current wife and daughters
Lyle with his current wife and daughters   Source: Instagram

Relationship Status of Whoopi Goldberg

Whoopi has married thrice to date. Firstly she was married to Alvin Martin. They both got married in the year 1973

They two also had a child together Alexandrea Martin. She was just 18 years when she got married to Alvin Martin

They stayed together for five years and later got divorced. After that, she got married to David Claessen.

They were married for two years and then parted their ways as things weren’t working between them 

In 1995, Whoopi again got married for the third time. She married Lyle, who is an actor. 

They both met a year before getting married to each other. They met on the set of a film where they fell for each other and started dating. 

Their married life wasn’t long. A year after their marriage, the couple got divorced with each other. As of now, she is single.

Lyle Trachtenberg Ex-Wife Had No Love For Him

Lyle was married to Whoopi in 1994. They both had been married for a year only and had no children together. 

His then wife Whoopi was previously married two times, and her   her both relationships failed. 

As their relationship was too short, everyone became curious to know what happened between them. 

Lyle’s former wife opened up that there was no fault of Lyle in the failure of the marriage. She blamed herself for her unsuccessful married life. 

She never had any feelings for her then husband Lyle and her ex-husbands. Because of that reason, Lyle and his wife ended up just after a year. 

About Whoopi Goldberg 

Whoopi is an actress, comedian, and author born on 13 November 1955. Her real name is Caryn Elaine Johnson

She was born to Robert James and Emma Johnson. Her parents raised her with her brother in New York City

Whoopi started her career as a comedian in 1983. She has shown in many movies such as Sister Act, Ghost, and The Color Purple

She is well known as a comedian, and she is also the winner of Emmy Awards, Grammy Awards, and Academy Awards. 

Lyle Trachtenberg ex-wife Whoopi Goldberg
Lyle Trachtenberg ex-wife Whoopi Goldberg  Source: Instagram

Age, Height, and Weight

He was born on 1 January 1956 in Los Angeles, California. According to sources, he has a height of five feet and six inches tall.        

Net Worth 

His net worth is 1 Million dollars. His ex-wife Whoopi net worth is $60 Million. Her source of income is acting and writing.

Whoopi Supported a Rapist

Bill Cosby and Whoopi have worked i several shows together. They both have known each other for a long time. 

Bill Cosby has been charged for assaulting women. More than 25 women have charged him for harassing them. 

Lot more women have charged him in the past 40 years. But he has never been guilty of his crime and also not taken into custody for those allegations. 

Bill denied all the accusations saying that’s not true. 

Whoopi fully supported Bill and spoke for him. Whoopi has a lot of questions for all the women who accused Bill of raping them.

She also asked a few tangle questions to some women who accused him, proving that some women faked about their rape.

Whoopi wants the real truth to come out, so she is in support of comedian Bill.

Whoopi Suffered From an Injury

The famous comedian Whoopi was hospitalized for her back injury. That injury made her miss her show for a long time. 

She suffered from a painful back injury which made her spend a couple of days in the hospital. 

Her doctor explained her injury in a detailed way, saying that the lower back is a very complex part, and as people grow older, it gets weaker and leads one to a back injury. 

He told that same thing happened to the Goldberg too. Whoopi was grateful that she didn’t need surgery despite having that injury. 

Lyle Trachtenberg with ex-wife Whoopi Goldberg
Lyle Trachtenberg with ex-wife Whoopi Goldberg   Source: Pinterest

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