Who Is Paige Brown ? Sister Of Millie Bobby Brown

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Who Is Paige Brown ? Sister Of Millie Bobby Brown

Paige Brown is the sister of British actress Millie Bobby Brown. 

Paige was born to her mom Kelly Brown and dad Robert Brown. She has three siblings Ava Brown, Charlie Brown, and Millie.

She was born in Marbella, Spain. She is a British citizen

Paige Brown's parents Kelly Brown, Robert Brown and sister Millie Bobby Brown
Paige Brown's parents Kelly Brown, Robert Brown and sister Millie Bobby Brown Source: Pinterest

Sister's Relationship Status

Millie is currently in a relationship with her boyfriend named, Jake Bongiovi.

They couple started dating each other in 2020

Millie and her boyfriend are seen at several events together.

Millie Bobby Brown with her boyfriend Jake Bongiovi
Millie Bobby Brown with her boyfriend, Jake Bongiovi Source: Instagram

Past Dating Life Of Millie

Millie was previously in a relationship with Jacob Sartorius.

They dated back in 2018, and after seven months, they broke up. 

After that, Millie dated Joseph Robinson for nearly ten months, and after that, they ended their relationship. 

Their relationship was confirmed after Millie posted a picture of them on Snapchat.

Paige Brown's sister Millie Bobby Brown
Paige Brown's sister Millie Bobby Brown Source: Instagram


Her sister Millie is 18 years old.

Net Worth 

Millie's net worth is $10 Million. Her source of income is an actress.

Paige Brown with her siblings'
Paige Brown with her siblings' Source: Pinterest

Strange Friendship With Drake

Millie has earned huge popularity through her appearance in Stranger Things

The famous rapper Drake is also a big fan of that series, and it is known that Drake has a great friendly relationship with Millie

Millie opened up that she met Drake when she was 14 years old in Australia, and they shared pictures of them. 

Millie is just 18 years old, whereas Drake is in his 30s, and because of such an age gap, their friendship was hard to digest for many people. 

In 2018, when Millie talked about Drake texting her, saying he missed and asked about guys' things, people thought Drake was trying to hit on Millie. 

However, Millie has said that they are just good friends.

Millie Enjoyed Her Role As Eleven

Millie is seen playing the role of Eleven in the sci-fi series Strangers Things.  

Millie opened up that she enjoyed playing that character and said that Stranger Things was the big thing that happened in her life. 

Before that, she had shown her appearance in Grey's Anatomy, but Stranger Thing was a career turning point. 

She had to shave her head for the character play of Eleven, and she hardly had 42 lines in the whole series. 

She didn't speak in the series, and all she could do was show the emotion on her face. 

That was challenging for her, but she portrayed her character well, and she is happy that she got something different to do. 

She had a great time playing the role of Eleven in Stranger Things.

Millie Loves Kardashian 

In the interview with Jimmy, Millie opened up about her love for Kardashians. 

The interviewer asked Millie if she had an obsession with any shows or not. 

As Jimmy is obsessed with Millie's series "Stranger Things," he wanted to know about hers. 

Millie then said that she loved watching Kardashians. 

She is obsessed with the Kardashian's show named Keeping up with Kardashians.

She loves each and every one of them and has also even followed them on social media. 

She feels that the Kardashians are great and very entertaining, and that's why she thinks that most people love Kardashians and watch them on their show. 

She said that her mom told her not to watch that show but joined Millie and watched that show with her. 

Millie said that Kardashians have their language, and she finds it amazing. 

She told in an interview that they use the word Bible instead of I swear, and for okay, they use the word O-krr.

Millie Is The Mother Of A Tortoise

In one of the interviews with Jimmy Fallon, she talked about her pet. 

She said that she loves animals and has two tortoises as a pet in her house. 

Before bringing them to the house, she thought a lot about it, but later, her parents allowed her to bring one tortoise as a pet into the house. 

She went to the store to bring one but got back house with two. 

She saw two tortoises in the store, and they were husband and wife, so she didn't want to separate them, and she brought both of them. 

She said that she loves them a lot. 

She is mom to both tortoises, and she has named them David and Becky. 

The reason behind them calling them was Games of Thrones, as there was a character with a Northern English accent, and he called names in that way, so she named her tortoise in the same way.

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