Who Is Kairo Walker? Son Of Kyle Walker

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Who Is Kairo Walker? Son Of Kyle Walker

Kairo Walker is the son of Kyle Walker. His father is a professional footballer who plays for the Premier League club Manchester City

Kario's mother is Lauryn Goodman. His parents broke up after having a brief fling. Kairo is named after Egypt's capital city.

His grandparents are Tracey Walker and Michael Walker.

Kairo Walker with his mom, Lauryn Goodman.
Kairo Walker with his mom, Lauryn Goodman. Source: Instagram

Is Kyle Dating Anyone?

Kyle is not dating anyone, as he has tied the knot with his childhood sweetheart Anne Kilner. They secretly got married at the beginning of 2022.

They keep their wedding affair very low-key. The two started dating each other when they were teenagers. 

After dating for nine years, they broke up in 2019. Kyle cheated on her, so Anne broke up with him. 

He cheated on her over Lauryn, with whom he shares a son. Anne and Kyle share three children together, Riaan Walker, Reign Walker, and Reign Walker

Despite his cheating, they got back together and got married secretly. Now they are happy with each other and have a healthy relationship. 

Anne wants a baby girl as she has three sons. They might be expecting their fourth child soon.

Kairo Walker's dad, Kyle Walker.
Kairo Walker's dad, Kyle Walker. Source: Instagram

Mbappe Didn't Stop Kyle? 

Kyle and Mbappe both are among the best players in the world. In the 2022 World Cup quarter-final England and France competed against each other. 

Mbappe played from France and Kyle played from England

As many people know, Mbappe is one of the best players in the world and his performance in his football career made him recognized throughout the world. 

Before the match between England and France took place many supporters of England kept their faith in Kyle as they thought that he is the only one that could stop Mbappe from scoring in the World Cup

People thought that Kyle has the only potential to stop Mbappe and let England go to the finals of Worldcup

So before playing a match with France, Kylie gave an interview where he talked that he will give his best in the match. 

He did agree that Mbappe is one of the best players in the world and he will give his best in the match to let England go into the finals. 

As everyone was talking about Kyle and Mbappe, he also cleared that it was not the match between Kyle and Mbappe and instead it was France Vs England so his focus was not only on Mbappe

Kyle had played against Mbappe in the champions’ league so he might have the potential to stop him and he made sure in the interview that he won't let Mbappe stop England from going to the finals. 

He claimed that he will also try his best to not let Mbappe score in the match. 

While giving the interview Kyle made clear that Mbappe is not only the player that he and his teammates focus on, there are many other great players in France like Giroux, and Dembele who are tough players. 

He told people that they shouldn't only see Mbappe only because there are many other great players in France that they should be careful with.


Kairo was born in April 2020, and his current age is two years old.

Net Worth

His father's net worth is estimated to be $33 million

Kyle Participated In Britain's Got Talent

Kyle went undercover and changed himself into one of the participants in Britain Got Talent.

The judges had no idea who he was. He organized an act where he won the World Cup and sang joyfully. 

Simon and Davis interacted with him before his act started. But they did not recognize him at all. 

He started his act. He sang a song about England winning the World Cup.

Among four judges, three gave him a red buzzer, but to our surprise, Simon Cowell loved his performance. 

Simon said that he got excited about World Cup after watching their act. 

Alicia, one of the judges, said their act was as good as England's performance in World Cup

Kyle seemed to be pretty upset about her words. At last, Kyle revealed himself. Judges were shocked to see him, especially Alicia. 

Kyle Is Not Happy With His FIFA22 Ranking

Some of his teammates pranked Kyle with his fake FIFA22 rating. Kyle's place was 78, and his teammates knew it was fake. 

So they used that card to prank him. Kyle had no clue about what they were planning to do with him. 

They put that fake card in a locker room. Kyle came to the locker room and saw his rating card. 

His teammates acted quite normally. He threw that card in the dustbin. Kyle said that he was not happy with that and was pissed off. 

Later, he discovered it was a prank as he saw the hidden camera. 

Lesser Known Facts About Kyle

Kyle started his football career at Sheffield United. He was the youngest player in the history of that club. 

He joined Tottenham at the age of 19. He has won 27 caps for England so far. 

During his playing journey in Aston Ville and Spurs, he appeared in 198 Premier League matches, out of which he was on the winning side 107 times. 

He scored 206 goals in those 198 matches. He was awarded PFA Young Player of the Year in 2012

He is a good friend of Danny Rose at home. He played football with him during their school days. 

They played for the same club, Spurs later. His favorite movie is Gladiator. He shares his birthday with John Stones, which is on May 28.

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