Who Is Riaan Walker? Son Of Kyle Walker

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Riaan Walker is the son of English professional footballer Kyle Walker. His wife's name is Tracey Walker.

He is an English citizen.

Kyle's parents are Tracey Walker and Michael Walker.

Riaan Walker's grandmother Tracey Walker and father Kyle Walker.
Riaan Walker's grandmother Tracey Walker and father Kyle Walker. Source: Pinterest

Married Life Of Kyle 

As of 2022, Kyle is married to his wife, Annie Kilner. The couple secretly tied the knot back in 2021. Kyle has four children Riaan Walker, Reign Walker, Kairo Walker, and Roman Walker

They dated for more than a decade and then got married. 

Kyle also has a son with his ex-girlfriend named Lauryn Goodman. They dated in 2020 for a very short time. 

Kyle and Annie ended their relationship for a short time, and during that time, Kyle dated Lauryn.

Kyle Walker with his wife Annie Kilner.
Kyle Walker with his wife Annie Kilner. Source: Instagram


Kyle is 32 years old. His height is 1.78 m

Net Worth 

Riaan's father Kyle has a net worth of 29 Million Euros. His source of income is playing football.

Riaan Walker's father, Kyle Walker.
Riaan Walker's father, Kyle Walker. Source: Instagram

Kyle On Britain's Got Talent

Kyle was spotted in Britain's Got Talent in 2021 with his friend, who was dressed up as a world cup trophy. 

Kyle was wearing a hat and sunglasses so people wouldn't recognize him. 

He successfully carried on his plan as no one in the show recognized him. 

Kyle then started to rap, and his friend moved around and danced. 

It was a hilarious performance that was fun to watch. 

Therefore, three out of four judges pressed the cross button. 

After Kyle uncovered himself, people recognized him, including judges.

Everyone then gave a standing ovation to him and his friend. It was an out-of-nowhere moment for Kyle and the show.

Kyle Got Man Of The Match

It is not a big deal for Kyle to get the Man of the Match in games as he is a deserving player. 

He is great at what he does and has been one of the historical players. 

But he is one of the few players that has got Man of the Match in their debut matches. 

Kyle, when first played for Manchester City, his team won two null victories against Brighton.

It was a memorable game for him, not just because it was his first-ever game for Manchester City but also because he was declared Man of the Match

Kyle's Game Against South Hampton Is His Favorite

Kyle is someone who always performs well in every match. 

But when he was asked about his favorite game, he first said about his match against South Hampton

He scored the late winning goal and won the important title. It is not the only game that his goal has changed. 

There are many games that he considers his favorite. 

He revealed that all the games where his goals have been a deciding goal or his contribution have majorly changed the game on his club's side; those are his favorite games.  

Kyle Criticizes Himself

Kyle is one of the great football players. He is currently playing in Manchester City and is one of the key players. 

He has reached the level of success as a player, and the journey from being nothing to one of the best players is not easy at all. 

Kyle opened up that he is the biggest critic of himself. 

He doesn't care about what others think but has a habit of judging himself. 

He plays matches and doesn't need other people's judgment of the game he plays. 

He knows how he played the game. He criticizes himself after every game, whether his game was good or bad. 

Throughout his football journey, he played with many great players. 

He has played for great teams like Arsenal and many more, and those teams have helped him be a successful player.

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