Who Is Reign Walker? Son Of Kyle Walker

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Reign Walker is the son of Kyle Walker. Kyle is a talented professional soccer player who plays for England's national team and Manchester City

Reign's mother's name is Annie Kilner. He has three siblings. 

His grandparents are Tracey Walker and Michael Walker.

Family of Reign Walker.
Family of Reign Walker. Source: Pinterest

Parents Love Life

Kyle fell in love with his beloved wife, Annie, many years ago. The couple first met when they were in their teens. 

It is believed that the lovebirds have been in love since high school. But just like many other love stories, Kyle and Annie went through many ups and downs. 

Kyle cheated on Annie many times, so Annie had to cut off their relationship. 

But after some conclusion, Annie forgave Kyle and decided to get married.

According to a source, it is said that Kyle had proposed to Annie with an epic floral proposal and convinced her to get married. 

The couple tied the knot and exchanged vows in front of a small group of people away from the media. 

The couple celebrated their wedding with a small group of people because of the pandemic.

Kyle and Annie share three baby boys. Their name is Riaan Walker, Roman Walker, and Reign. 

Kyle also has one more son named Kairo Walker from one of his girlfriends, Lauryn Goodman. The player has not denied or accepted Kairo publically.

Parents of Reign Walker.
Parents of Reign Walker. Source: OK Magazine


Reign was born in 2017, and his current age is five years old.

Net Worth

Reign is a kid who is not involved in any earning activity but lives a luxurious life with his father Kyle's net worth of 29 million Euros

Kyle is one of the finest football players who has recently signed a contract of 7 million euros per year with one of the most popular teams Manchester United.

Annie Had A Miscarriage While Kyle Cheated On Her

It was reported that a year back, when Kyle used to meet Lauryn, Annie had a miscarriage. 

It was the time when her pain was double because Kyle confessed to her that the reality star was pregnant

She claimed that she felt dead inside and was very scattered. 

Annie confessed that she felt very bad and was no more going the version she was. 

She said she felt sad each and every day thinking about what and where things went wrong and that she had to face all those pain. 

She even said that she tried hard to hate Kyle but thought, how can she hate the father of her three sons?

The model revealed that she felt how she could ever hate someone who was her best friend and soulmate and the person whom she could count on anything.

Kyle Was Almost Going To Quit Playing

Kyle shares his story where his mother continuously stood by his side and supported him in every step of his life. 

Kyle reveals that his mother would always push him to do better each and every day. 

He says even in those days when he used to have bad games; her mother would cheer him up with positive words.

Kyle revealed that there was also a day when Kyle told her mother he wanted to quit, but her mother said she would never force him to do anything. She also said he shouldn't stop trying and giving up things he loved. 

Kyle says his mother told him to give his best and play games with all his dedication.

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