Who Is Tracey Walker? Mother Of Kyle Walker

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Who Is Tracey Walker? Mother Of Kyle Walker

Tracey Walker is the mother of English professional footballer Kyle Walker. 

She's married to her husband, Michael Walker, a Jamaican citizen. She is a British citizen by her nationality.

Tracey Walker with her husband and son, Kyle Walker.
Tracey Walker with her husband and son, Kyle Walker. Source: LifeBogger

About Tracey’s Son Kyle 

Kyle is an English professional football player who plays for the Premier League club Manchester City in the right-back position.

He also plays for the England national team. Kyle was raised in Sheffield, UK parents, which makes him an English citizen. 

Who Is Kyle Married?

Kyle is married to his long-time girlfriend, Annie Kilner. They started dating in 2011 but broke up in 2019. 

Some prestigious media claimed they again got back together in 2021 and secretly married

But neither party confirmed their marriage to date.

The couple has three children: Riaan Walker, Reign Walker, and Roman Walker.

Kyle Walker with his partner, Annie Kilner.
Kyle Walker with his partner, Annie Kilner. Source: Pinterest

Kyle Got Dumped By Annie

Kyle and his long-time girlfriend, Annie, have been in a relationship since 2011, and they have three children together, but in 2019, Annie dumped Kyle because he cheated on her. 

Despite being the father of three children and sharing nine years with Annie, Kyle slept with another woman named Lauryn Goodman, a reality TV star. 

Annie left Kyle as soon as she knew about her partner's infidelity. Kyle and Lauryn also have a child together, Kairo Walker

Age And Net Worth 

The age and net worth of Tracey are unknown. However, her son Kyle is currently 32 years old. 

He has a net worth of $33 Million.

Tracey Walker's son, Kyle Walker.
Tracey Walker's son, Kyle Walker. Source: Instagram

Tracey Thought His Son Would Kill Himself

Tracey’s son Kyle was young when he was sent to Northampton as a loaned player. To reach the club, he had to go through the M1 motorway route, which was dangerous for beginners. 

Since Kyle never drove on the motorways, his driving skills on the route were horrifying. 

Looking at his driving, Tracey and her husband thought Kyle would kill himself if he were sent alone for driving, so Tracey and his husband used to drive him to the train station, where he used to take a train for further travel. 

Tracey and her husband helped their son do what he loved.

As A Supportive Wife And Mother

Tracey has not seen quite often in his son Kyle’s matches as a young boy. Her husband Michael was always seen with the boy. 

But Kyle revealed later that Tracey loves watching football on TV as she believes that many more things could be seen on the screen than in the live match. 

But to drive Kyle to the stadium and back home, Michael used to go with him. 

But Tracey had a great part in each of the games because she was the one to guide her husband to the stadium and home. 

As per Kyle, his dad was not good with directions. So they always called Tracey to navigate for them.

Kyle Went Through Serious Surgery

Kyle and his team Manchester City went against their biggest rival, Manchester United, on the derby day. 

Both the strong sides were at their best, but Manchester City won the match with a 6-3 lead. 

However, the win was not as fun and joyful as the right back of the club; Kyle ended up with an injury. 

The player had a groin injury during the match, and unlike any other damages, this one was big. 

He had to be taken to the hospital for his same injury and undergo surgery. 

As World Cup was on its edge, his injury was a big blow for the English national team. 

But he had hope and was confident that he would recover from the injury before the World Cup started and would be in his best form.

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